Industrial Electrical Services

Make Sure You Choose an Expert!

When it comes to industrial equipment and facilities, you need the unique skills and expertise that Baldwin Industrial Group has acquired through decades of experience. From production machinery to motor controllers, our company has developed the troubleshooting and maintenance skills to keep your equipment running safely.


Industrial Equipment Service

From the beginning of our company’s history, we have been helping businesses troubleshoot and repair industrial grade equipment that might otherwise be down for days, weeks or months; waiting for out-of-area service providers to fit them into their schedules, at enormous cost. Although there is a time for factory specialists, we have established a proven track record of solving nearly every electrical, electronic and electro-mechanical problem that we have come across, to-date, while saving our clients a significant amount of money in the process, regardless of industry or application.

Whether you require equipment installation, maintenance and/ or repair, our team of reliable professionals can almost certainly help. And we know, that as with commercial applications, minimizing down-time while helping to facilitate operations during the course of work are the top priorities.


A Cut Above The Competition

Our technicians will conduct themselves with professionalism and be courteous with all persons encountered at your site. We work hard to contain construction debris to our work areas, covering items to minimize dust and cleaning as we go. As with homes, we try to leave every job site cleaner than it was upon our arrival. And of course, we will provide our same legendary customer service to every client, regardless of project size.

We recognize that electrical requirements and aesthetic expectations differ between differing industrial applications and facilities, so we will work with you to explain the applicable codes and materials required for your project and to achieve the balance you need between price, functionality and aesthetics.

We have created this section of our website with the goal of providing you with the information and resources that will help you make educated decisions about which industrial services best address your business’s needs.


New Codes Can Provide Significant Savings On Operating Costs

Recent energy conservation requirement changes can mean lower operating costs for your facility. The 2013 Title 24 requirements are the newest iteration of energy saving mandates put forth by the State of California and the electrical portion will go into effect this July (2014). All electrical installation work permitted after that date will need to comply.

These new requirements are said to provide an additional 30% operating cost reduction over the previous 2008 code, and older installations will almost certainly save even more.


High Quality at a Fair Price

Industrial projects typically call for different code requirements and materials than commercial and residential applications. With this in mind, it makes financial sense to call on qualified professionals when your industrial equipment or facility needs electrical work. Why expose yourself to the liability of questionable reliability, electrocution or fire?

For equipment “up-time”, facility aesthetics and project functionality, you can count on our trained and experienced team to provide the expert electrical services your business needs.

While we are known for placing a strong emphasis on aesthetics and quality workmanship, we also work hard to make sure we present the most cost-effective way to achieve the results you need. We know that every project and every business has a unique financial position, so we try to work with you to achieve the balance that is right for your company’s budget.

We always keep an eye out for defects, code violations and safety issues during the course of work, but we will never try to sell you more service than you need. With that in mind, if we find a building’s electrical system or a piece of equipment is in a state of obvious disrepair, is severely aged or appears to have significant questionable alterations, we will usually recommend a more thorough inspection and comprehensive report. And, if we uncover a hazard which poses an obvious and real, life-safety or fire hazard, we will explain the deficiency and do our best to offer you remedies that will address it quickly.


Industrial Electrical Services Overview

We are capable of handling projects of all sizes and electrical work of all types. From changing light bulbs to new buildings or troubleshooting that problem that has been eluding everyone else.

Below, we have presented a partial list of the most common services we provide for commercial electrical applications, so feel free to follow any of the active links below to learn more about how we can help you improve the aesthetics and functionality of your commercial property, protect your investment and save on energy costs. We are in the process of adding more links and information to our site, so please contact us if you need more information that you do not find here. Just call 760-914-2455 and one of our team members will be happy to help you!

  • Service Calls: Efficient, Logical and Effective Troubleshooting and Repair (We fix it right the first time!)
  • New Equipment Installation: Power, Placement and Setup
  • Industrial Motor and Pump Controls: Push-button operators, Control Panels and Drives
  • Security Cameras: Installation, Adding-On, Repairs and Upgrading
  • Lighting Upgrades: LED, CFL, Fluorescent, Dimmers, Vacancy/ Occupancy Sensors and Timers (Start saving money quickly by upgrading)
  • Electrical Panels, Main or Sub: Evaluation, Replacement, Repair and Adding of New Panels
  • Circuit Breakers: Replacement, Inspection and Adding New (Large Inventory In Stock for Emergencies!)
  • Telephone, Fire-Alarm, Intercom and Network Wiring and Devices: Installation, Adding-On, Repairs and Upgrading
  • Security Lighting: Installation, Upgrading and Repairs
  • Specialty Receptacles, Power Outlets, Switches and Disconnects: Installation, Adding-On, Upgrading and Repairs
  • Industrial Fans – Exhaust, Supply & Circulation: Installation, Upgrading, Repair and Replacement
  • Electrical Safety Inspections: Photos, Evaluation and Recommended Corrective Actions
  • Specialty Receptacles: Welder, USB, GFCI, Arc-Fault, Surge Protect, Weather-Proof, etc
  • Internet Controlled Devices: Lighting, Cameras, Thermostats, Door Locks, etc
  • All Types of Interior and Outdoor Lighting: Installation, Upgrading, Repair and Replacement (Low and High Voltage Types)


Don’t see an electrician service that you need? Call us at (760) 914-2455 and ask, we can almost certainly help you!